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Out of Practice

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely avoiding my yoga practice. Right now, I’m on my ladies’ holiday and it’s the full moon today, so maybe I’ll get back into things on Wednesday. With my husband out of town, I just haven’t felt like doing yoga, PLUS I’ve just felt run down and icky for a couple weeks. Definitely reached a head late last week with a truly nasty bout of PMS.

I’m feeling better today. Went back to the weight room, even though I did things a little differently. I’m thinking of shifting my weight routine to doing 3 sets instead of 5 and trying to use heavier weights in the second two sets. Maybe use one set for warm-up, then one set at a heavier weight, and if I still feel like I have it in me increase again for the third set, so that I’m pretty wiped after the third set.

Today I actually had a guy “come to my rescue” after my third set of squats. I hadn’t bothered to change the height of the rack so it was ever-so-slightly too high for me. No worries, I could get the bar back up there, but when I bumped it on my first try, this guy felt the need to leap to my rescue AND point out that it was set too high. Yes, thanks, please go away. I’m not a damsel in distress.

Tonight is the full moon.  I’ll probably do a meditation, maybe a tarot reading.

I’ve still been cooking.  Keep an eye on my Tumblr for some pics later on.  Dunno if anything I’ve cooked is posted-recipe-worthy.  But it’s still yummy.  Husband got back on Saturday night and has said that all he wants right now is home cooking and snuggling, both of which I’m more than happy to provide.


Weekend Shenanigans

My coworker overuses the word “shenanigans,” so I’ve picked it up.  Here’s my brief recap of the weekend, mostly documented by the food I ate.

Started Saturday morning well, with a spiced oat porridge.  I added cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, almonds, and flax to it.  Delicious with some cream and honey.  And I had a raspberry-yogurt-cream smoothie on the side.  That was after a 5-mile run in beautiful sunny weather.  I went dancing and then got a book (Boneshaker) and a pot of tea (Dragon Well) downtown while waiting to meet my husband for a dinner date.

Post-run breakfast

We went to Nora’s in Dupont Circle, which was fun.  I like the idea of an all-organic, local restaurant, but I have to say that I was a little disappointed that their “Bellini” was made with pineapple juice, rather than peaches, which are a.) traditional, and 2.) in season locally.  Seriously, all you can get at the fruit stand is watermelon and peaches.  And you go and make a cocktail with pineapple?  But the dinner was delicious, despite the killer migraine I developed earlier in the day.  Pretty much the only effect of the migraine was that I only had a few bites of dessert and had peppermint tea with it instead of coffee.  I probably wouldn’t go back on my own dime (we had a gift certificate), but it was a nice dinner.

Sunday, I made more porridge, for me and my husband.  Almonds, coconut, Rapadura, and raspberries cooked into it, with butter on top.  Yum.  Went to the market, saw the new MOM’s Organic Market in College Park, fresh and renovated.  They’ve moved everything around, but it’s worth it because they’ve got so much more now.  I sampled some local cheeses, and even got a mini quiche off a farmer who made them with his fresh, local, pastured eggs.  Wow.

And I got a bottle of bitters, which I’ve discussed earlier.

Cucumber, ginger, and shallot salad (i.e., lunch)

Home again to make lunch, make almond power bars, and do my yoga.  I worked through the whole Primary series, which was fun.  Still not doing any jumping, since my wrist is healing, but there was no pain at least.  I have to say, I’m probably going to stop at Bhujapidasana for a while before trying to get through the whole series again, but it was nice to feel how it flows through to the end and into the finishing sequence.  And since it’s my first practice since finishing my moon time, I thoroughly enjoyed inverting once more.

Black bean burgers? Yum!

Dinner was black bean burgers with salad.  My husband even said “Ooh, black bean burgers?  Those are yummy!”  It’s nice to be with a guy who appreciates delicious, healthy food.  And then we ended the weekend on a sweet note with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Yum.

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Primary Sunday, Ladies’ Holiday

I got through most of my normal practice on Sunday.  I’m still sticking with only Surya A to warm up, then standing poses, then Primary to Navasana.  And no jumping, still.  But it felt good, adding back the vinyasas.  And Navasana, traditionally a pose that I’ve found tough, is really strong.  I feel strong and calm at the end of my practice.

Moon beads

But today, I’ve taken a step back.  It’s my ladies’ holiday right now which is a fantastic phrase, I think, though a little reminiscent of men not being sure to handle women bleeding.  Moon time.  Ladies’ holiday.  On the rag.  So many slangs and euphemisms.  Either way, I haven’t been meditating and I think this “holiday” would be a perfect time to start up again.  I’ve finally remembered my red beads.

I’m getting supplies to remake my moon time beads tomorrow, along with some Baltic amber to make other jewelry.  Other than bracelets, for my ailing and unhappy right wrist, I’m also getting bloodstone, moonstone, and carnelian.  The moonstone and amber, in particular, will make a lovely piece of jewelry.  I think for my moon beads, I’ll just restring the ones I have with a real clasp, but I’ll have bloodstone, moonstone, and more carnelian if I feel like updating it a bit.  It’s all a work in progress.

I’ve had a request for my soaked zucchini-walnut muffins, so I’ll post that recipe tomorrow.  They were massively delicious and moist even a day or two old.

Nourishing Pagan

Waterhouse, "The Magic Circle"

I identify with a pagan spiritual path.  While I don’t make a huge deal of it, I don’t deny this.  Sometimes I feel like so much of the real and traditional foods movement is so populated with devout Christians that it almost seems a prerequisite to be Christian and strongly faithful to be dedicated to the traditional foods movement.  With books like The Maker’s Diet advocating a traditional-foods approach, and the plethora of Christian real food bloggers, I sometimes feel like a small, quiet minority.

And, to some extent, I definitely feel like so many people see the “pagan” label as something that teenagers and maladjusted spinsters use to make themselves feel special.  While I’m guilty of believing that of people myself (just because it’s not true in general does not mean it’s never true), this is not my situation.  I honestly identify with the more down-to-Earth, everyday nature of the divine that nature-revering spirituality represents to me.  I don’t run around wearing a pentacle (not a symbol with which I identify), or praising the Goddess loudly, or dancing naked under the full moon (not that I wouldn’t ever).  But I keep a meditation altar with symbols special to me in a back room and sit there in quiet meditation and reverence for the forces that walk unseen behind the nature of all things.

Traditional foods have a lot to do with this, to me.  It saddens me that so much of the traditional foods community is Christian and that so much of the pagan community is veg*n because the two actually have a lot in common.  Traditional foods are a way of honoring the processes that our ancestors developed to bring this species from the primordial ooze to the populating virtually every continent on Earth.  Denying our bodies certain types of nourishment based on an external and artificial moral construct is denying part of our relationship to the Earth.  Animals kill to eat all the time, and we are of the type of animal that kills to eat.  While veg*nism is certainly closer to nature than the mindless adherence to the SAD and all its industrial food horrors, prostheletizing veg*nism while decrying the artificiality of Christian morals is hypocritical.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is kind of like that Dar Williams song:  Christians and pagans should get together and pursue real, traditional foods together.  Any other pagan real foodies here?

A Day In the Life of a Wild Woman: Primary series beginnings, half price burgers, capoeira

Woke up this morning and did my yoga at 6:15. Did Suryas, standing poses, and the primary series up to purvottanasana again. I think I might take Sunday to figure out exactly how far I’m ready to go in the primary series. I’ll just keep doing poses until one feels unsustainable. Then finishing poses, though I did tripod headstand instead of supported. For some reason, I’ve completely lost my ability to lift my feet off the ground in that version of the pose. Shavasana was delicious, although the apartment was sweltering from our AC being set at 90.

Then, breakfast cookies, yogurt, tea, and lots of resting. I love Wednesday mornings. I have almost nothing to do in the morning, except maybe a bit of yoga, because I tend to eat out for lunch, so I don’t need to pack a lunch or run or shower or anything. Maybe I’m a little smelly from not showering after climbing last night.

Post-climbing chicken stew

Speaking of climbing, I had fun last night. Most fun failing I’ve had in a while. I tried a route that was definitely too hard for me. Mostly crimps and I don’t have the finger strength. I got maybe 1/3 of the way up and then quit. Went up an easy 5.6 to build my confidence and then tried a difficult 5.6 around the corner. But I was tired. I got down and could barely move my hands. Still, better to push to one’s limits than constantly staying safe and never growing. Then, I came home and made a delicious seat-of-my-pants chicken stew with leftover chicken. Threw in some paprika and some milk mixed with arrowroot to thicken it. Yum.

Lunch today was half price burgers. Got a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. Totally yummy and worth the perhaps lack of nutritional value (although I haven’t been eating nearly enough beef the last couple weeks). Capoeira tonight, then trying a new recipe from Oh She Glows. Yeah, from greasy bacon cheeseburger lunch to vegan dinner. I’m nothing if not eclectic.

Walking the Wild Ways

Being a wild woman is about walking the wild ways, finding the wildness, both in yourself and in the world around you, and embracing the wild world’s abundance. The wild ways are not the wilderness, not somewhere that you need a trip to visit, though there are some beautiful wildernesses in this world; they are the places you find, the places you make for yourself.

Today I went for a walk, embracing the rain and the cold, slipping on a pair of thin shoes so I could feel the shape of the earth beneath my feet and the wet and the cold. The world was thawing today, the water running down the sides of the piles of frozen slush that lined the trails and coated them in some places. The lake surface was glassy and still, awaiting the moment that it might burst through its icy coating once more, rippling and throwing sunlight. The whole of the landscape spoke water; even the air felt thick with it. Little points of moisture condensed on my face as I walked through the trees. The whole park was painted in grey and brown and bits of green where holly and pine and ivy accented it.
And even though I was walking through a city park, next to a major highway, I could feel the wildness of this place. The tangles of limbs and leaves and needles mixing into the humus of the forest floor lay where they fell, not arranged by any gardener. And when I took the steep path out of the parking lot, back up towards the road, I felt a distinct sense of emerging, from the wilds back into civilization. It is restorative in a deep way, nourishing a place untouched by sleep, food, or hot drinks.
After emerging from my journey through the wilds, I returned to my home, removed wet things and wrapped up in dry things, and made myself a cup of sage tea.
{an aside: Please visit my new page, Wellness the Wild Woman Way, which will have articles about nutrition, herbal healing, and wellness practices.}