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Out of Practice

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely avoiding my yoga practice. Right now, I’m on my ladies’ holiday and it’s the full moon today, so maybe I’ll get back into things on Wednesday. With my husband out of town, I just haven’t felt like doing yoga, PLUS I’ve just felt run down and icky for a couple weeks. Definitely reached a head late last week with a truly nasty bout of PMS.

I’m feeling better today. Went back to the weight room, even though I did things a little differently. I’m thinking of shifting my weight routine to doing 3 sets instead of 5 and trying to use heavier weights in the second two sets. Maybe use one set for warm-up, then one set at a heavier weight, and if I still feel like I have it in me increase again for the third set, so that I’m pretty wiped after the third set.

Today I actually had a guy “come to my rescue” after my third set of squats. I hadn’t bothered to change the height of the rack so it was ever-so-slightly too high for me. No worries, I could get the bar back up there, but when I bumped it on my first try, this guy felt the need to leap to my rescue AND point out that it was set too high. Yes, thanks, please go away. I’m not a damsel in distress.

Tonight is the full moon.  I’ll probably do a meditation, maybe a tarot reading.

I’ve still been cooking.  Keep an eye on my Tumblr for some pics later on.  Dunno if anything I’ve cooked is posted-recipe-worthy.  But it’s still yummy.  Husband got back on Saturday night and has said that all he wants right now is home cooking and snuggling, both of which I’m more than happy to provide.


Primary Sunday, Ladies’ Holiday

I got through most of my normal practice on Sunday.  I’m still sticking with only Surya A to warm up, then standing poses, then Primary to Navasana.  And no jumping, still.  But it felt good, adding back the vinyasas.  And Navasana, traditionally a pose that I’ve found tough, is really strong.  I feel strong and calm at the end of my practice.

Moon beads

But today, I’ve taken a step back.  It’s my ladies’ holiday right now which is a fantastic phrase, I think, though a little reminiscent of men not being sure to handle women bleeding.  Moon time.  Ladies’ holiday.  On the rag.  So many slangs and euphemisms.  Either way, I haven’t been meditating and I think this “holiday” would be a perfect time to start up again.  I’ve finally remembered my red beads.

I’m getting supplies to remake my moon time beads tomorrow, along with some Baltic amber to make other jewelry.  Other than bracelets, for my ailing and unhappy right wrist, I’m also getting bloodstone, moonstone, and carnelian.  The moonstone and amber, in particular, will make a lovely piece of jewelry.  I think for my moon beads, I’ll just restring the ones I have with a real clasp, but I’ll have bloodstone, moonstone, and more carnelian if I feel like updating it a bit.  It’s all a work in progress.

I’ve had a request for my soaked zucchini-walnut muffins, so I’ll post that recipe tomorrow.  They were massively delicious and moist even a day or two old.

On Not Obsessing About Hunger

First of all, a warning: If you are squeamish and/or male, you may not entirely enjoy today’s post.

When it comes to food, I’m a pretty obsessive person. I tend to plan my life, and especially my meals, far in advance. I like to plan to make sure that I’ll always have food at my fingertips in case I get hungry. I guess it goes back to my flirtation with hypoglycemia as a teenager, when I would frequently get irritable or irrational when I was hungry, or would even pass out. So I make sure that I always have healthy, real food around me, so that I’m not faced with a choice of hunger or unhealthy snacks.
But really, is this healthy? Is it healthy or natural to always have food to quell the voice inside that says “Hey, I want food?” I would argue no. For so much of our existence, humans have had limited access to food. If I were a peasant working in the fields in the Middle Ages and my stomach rumbled, would I be able to just drop everything and have snacky time? No.
So one of my goals this year is to be less obsessed with food and hunger. Go hungry a little, and convince my body that it’s not the end of the world. Avoiding sugar and refined grains really helps.
And this morning, I found another beneficial practice: Find something else to think about. It can’t just be anything, it has to be something that occupies your whole mind and seems dire, at least at first.
See, what brought this to mind was my run this morning, which I started out already a little bit hungry. I usually know when I’m going to get my period, but lately my morning temps have been a bit erratic, possibly because my thermometer needs a new battery. So I was 75% sure I wouldn’t get my period today, but would probably get it tomorrow. So I went off on a 3-mile run with zero protection, just the layers of clothing I was wearing against the cold. About a mile in, I felt a familiar sensation: Menstrual cramps.
I could tell that I was wrong about my prediction of my period. I just knew that it was going to start momentarily. I mentally went through the layers of clothing, trying to figure out just how much of it was going to be ruined by this. How dark is black clothing, anyway? Is it going to show through? Am I going to leave little tracks? I finally talked myself down about halfway through the run, and just focused the rest of the way on finishing my run despite some pretty annoying cramps.
When I got home, I found I had not started my period, so there was no mess.
I also realized that I was no longer hungry.
After a stretch and a shower, I decided that I could eat something, so I had a dish of yogurt. But I didn’t have any real, physical signs of hunger afterwards until about 10:30 this morning. I’m currently enjoying a cup of pu-erh tea because I’d rather not eat my lunch early, and I feel like my hunger is bearable.
Now, we can’t all have female emergencies all the time when we’re feeling hungry and cranky. But I think this incident has served to show me that meditation is a powerful tool. I didn’t try to focus on not being hungry (“Don’t think of an elephant,” anyone?), but instead found another, completely unrelated topic, to occupy my mind.
Maybe next time I could try meditating on writing my thesis or something.

Another Moon Time

Well, I have a bit of an explanation for my slightly off feeling last night: I started my moon flow this morning. It’s a little early, somewhat unexpected, but I decided to treat myself this morning.
First, I made myself an infusion of oatstraw (for nerves), a little catnip (for cramps), and some red clover blossoms (for femininity) and let that infuse for an hour. While it infused, I drew a daily tarot card (Queen of Pentacles, appropriate I think), and did some flow (*snort*) yoga and meditation.
Then, I showered, dressed, and pulled out my moon beads to mark this time as a special time of the month. I’m feeling meditative and very feminine right now, but I will try to get my Pennywise Platter offering up later today (Edit: decided to submit yesterday’s spice rub instead).

Wild Week!

Wow, it’s been quite a week! But I survived, and my reward is a trip to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes I’ve seen in my life: northern Idaho.

But back to this week. There have been some blessings, some reliefs, and some trials. For example, this morning I got back from my run, and went in to take a much-needed shower. I had all sorts of wonderful things planned: shaving my legs, doing a deep conditioning treatment, etc. But I turned on the taps, and the water didn’t warm up. Ever. But that was okay, it’s been hot enough that a cold shower really didn’t feel too bad. And it didn’t steam up the shower.

I also have started my moon time, with all its accompanying wonders. While I love to observe my cycles, I don’t appreciate the mood swings. My emotions have been all over the place, and it didn’t help my stress level. So today, I made myself up one of my favorite stress-relieving remedies: Sage tea, steeped really strong, sweetened with some honey, and poured into a big glass of whole milk. Delicious.

So this week has been tough, but I’ve gotten past it, and I’m looking forward to my trip tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some pictures of the mountains.

Moon Time

Well, I had hoped to write about my brandied violet syrup today, but I was inspired (or rather, interrupted) by my old friend. I recently went off hormonal birth control, and just got my first non-pill period this morning, so I thought I’d share some of my herbal allies for my period. So far, most of these are untested, but I have high hopes.

1.) Infusions and Teas:
I love my nettle infusion, especially during allergy season, and my oatstraw infusion is supposed to help moodiness and frazzled nerves, but I’m adding a couple to my arsenal for the next week. Catnip is supposed to be soothing and sedating, good for menstrual cramps, and to help get to sleep. My wish this morning was just to curl up around a mug of catnip tea and spend the day on the couch. But I had to get up, so I packed a few bags of my other menstrual ally, red raspberry leaf. It’s good for strengthening all parts of the female system, and I find it very stimulating, but not jitter-causing like caffeine.
2.) Chocolate:
Yes, there is controversy, and I know sugar and caffeine aren’t supposed to be good for PMS, but I find that when I’m having my period, I crave chocolate strongly. And I like to listen to my body. Chocolate is very specific, and I don’t know much else that can truly satisfy that craving. I get dark chocolate, sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice, and lightly salted with a sprinkle of unrefined sea salt. It’s called Salazon Chocolate, and I just adore it.
3.) Spiritual Practice:
My bloodstone pendant is particularly meaningful to me at this time of the month. I sat in a short meditation this morning to calm and ground myself, and to help melt away my cramps and tension. I said a prayer to the cthonic goddess Hecate, who rules the realm of menstruating women. And I read my Tarot, drawing the Star card, which felt particularly appropriate as I watched the smiling blonde woman on the card pour out libations to water and Earth.