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Out of Practice

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely avoiding my yoga practice. Right now, I’m on my ladies’ holiday and it’s the full moon today, so maybe I’ll get back into things on Wednesday. With my husband out of town, I just haven’t felt like doing yoga, PLUS I’ve just felt run down and icky for a couple weeks. Definitely reached a head late last week with a truly nasty bout of PMS.

I’m feeling better today. Went back to the weight room, even though I did things a little differently. I’m thinking of shifting my weight routine to doing 3 sets instead of 5 and trying to use heavier weights in the second two sets. Maybe use one set for warm-up, then one set at a heavier weight, and if I still feel like I have it in me increase again for the third set, so that I’m pretty wiped after the third set.

Today I actually had a guy “come to my rescue” after my third set of squats. I hadn’t bothered to change the height of the rack so it was ever-so-slightly too high for me. No worries, I could get the bar back up there, but when I bumped it on my first try, this guy felt the need to leap to my rescue AND point out that it was set too high. Yes, thanks, please go away. I’m not a damsel in distress.

Tonight is the full moon.  I’ll probably do a meditation, maybe a tarot reading.

I’ve still been cooking.  Keep an eye on my Tumblr for some pics later on.  Dunno if anything I’ve cooked is posted-recipe-worthy.  But it’s still yummy.  Husband got back on Saturday night and has said that all he wants right now is home cooking and snuggling, both of which I’m more than happy to provide.


Monday Morning Musings

{I know I’m posting rather close together, especially for a Monday morning, so don’t miss my post on soaked whole wheat bread, a la Passionate Homemaking!}

Good morning.  Happy Monday.  Yeah, I agree, let’s all go back to bed.  While I love a good, busy weekend, it definitely puts me more in the mood for to sleep in a be a slug on Monday morning.

So, the weekend.  Newly recommitted to the idea of traditional foods, I woke up, all ready to make soaked whole wheat waffles.  Which proceeded to fuse irretrievably to my waffle iron.  Okay, then.  Soaked whole wheat pancakes it is.  Although there was some swearing involved; I don’t do well with snags in my breakfast plans when I’ve just run 5 miles before 9 a.m. in the sticky awfulness that passes for August weather in the DC suburbs.  Pancakes were amazing, not least due to the liberal amounts of cream dolloped on them.  But you all know about that already.

Saturday evening, husband and I took my mom out for a late birthday dinner at Victoria Gastropub.  Yumminess.  We had poutine and asparagus fries and then I had lobster grilled cheese.  I saved half of it so I could get dessert (three tiny, perfect scoops of homemade gelato in coffee, chocolate, and hazelnut) and a cup of vervaine tisane, but then I ended up sticking my leftover sandwich half under the broiler and eating it at 8:30 after we got home.  So much for leftovers.

But that’s okay because Sunday we had much food festivity planned.  We were going to a cookout/baby shower, and I was bringing salad.  So I got up, did my yoga, discovered that my wrist is seriously not happy, so I’ve had to delete vinyasa connectors and Surya Namaskar from my life for a while, and then made some poached eggs with pesto and oatmeal with butter and apricot compote for breakfast.  Then, off to the markets and home again, home again to put together a massive salad.

That's a large cutting board.

Made with massive cucumbers.  The guy at the market just called them “Armenian cucumbers.”  They’re kind of awesome-looking, but mostly just taste like a cucumber.

Salad and party turned out well.  It rained/stormed, but there was enough room to move things indoors and out as weather allowed.  The hostess was thrilled with green salad, as she didn’t already have anything of that sort.  And I ate an uncountable number of Nutella-stuffed mini-cupcakes.  Oops.

Back home, I made salad (leftover) and soup for dinner.  Just chicken stock, leeks, carrot, celery, salt, pepper, and cream.  Had leftovers for my lunch today.  And we watched Lost Boys, which was eighties-tastic.

Mmmm... soup.

Which brings me to Monday morning, where I didn’t do yoga, didn’t go to the gym, and didn’t even shower.  It was the kind of weekend that was utterly satisfying and fun, but left me feeling like doing the bare minimum before going into work.  Where I don’t even really need to be since things are still under construction.  But I ate breakfast, hauled my butt in, and fixed myself up a cup of pu-erh tea (hipster WAPF-er says I’m so traditional, even my tea is fermented) and a piece of coconut oil fudge, which I’ve stashed in the office fridge to keep me from the tender charms of the candy jar.

So far, it’s working.  So how’s your weekend-end?

A Monday Morning Kind of Post

It’s Monday morning. Always a good time to take stock of what you’re been doing and where you’re going. Last week, I did lots of blogging, lots of cooking (as usual) and even started researching and writing my next Wellness the Wild Woman Way article. This in addition to my normal job. I hope I can continue my productivity this week!

I also made a nice big Mountain Rose Herbs order. I highly recommend them for all your herbal/natural needs. They have lots of nice, bulk dried herbs, spices, teas, oils and butters, and other supplies for herbal healing and natural living. I ordered a pound of pink Himalayan sea salt because I love the little jar my mother gave me for the holidays. And I got some peppercorns and paprika because I use them until I run out and then have not-as-fun food. I also ordered some more sage (my favorite stress-relief herbal ally!), some peppermint leaf, and some lemon balm, along with some small, corked jars so that I can bring some dried herbs to work to make healing herbal teas without going home. I’ll blog about my office-apothecary set when I get it done.
Today is Valentine’s day (or Lupercalia, or some extension of Imbolc, if you prefer), and I’m cooking a nice meal. I also made a soaked cherry-chocolate-chip loaf for the office. I’m also starting a capoeira class tomorrow night. So I guess my goals for the week are to keep busy, keep active, and keep blogging!