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A Day In the Life of a Wild Woman: Primary series beginnings, half price burgers, capoeira

Woke up this morning and did my yoga at 6:15. Did Suryas, standing poses, and the primary series up to purvottanasana again. I think I might take Sunday to figure out exactly how far I’m ready to go in the primary series. I’ll just keep doing poses until one feels unsustainable. Then finishing poses, though I did tripod headstand instead of supported. For some reason, I’ve completely lost my ability to lift my feet off the ground in that version of the pose. Shavasana was delicious, although the apartment was sweltering from our AC being set at 90.

Then, breakfast cookies, yogurt, tea, and lots of resting. I love Wednesday mornings. I have almost nothing to do in the morning, except maybe a bit of yoga, because I tend to eat out for lunch, so I don’t need to pack a lunch or run or shower or anything. Maybe I’m a little smelly from not showering after climbing last night.

Post-climbing chicken stew

Speaking of climbing, I had fun last night. Most fun failing I’ve had in a while. I tried a route that was definitely too hard for me. Mostly crimps and I don’t have the finger strength. I got maybe 1/3 of the way up and then quit. Went up an easy 5.6 to build my confidence and then tried a difficult 5.6 around the corner. But I was tired. I got down and could barely move my hands. Still, better to push to one’s limits than constantly staying safe and never growing. Then, I came home and made a delicious seat-of-my-pants chicken stew with leftover chicken. Threw in some paprika and some milk mixed with arrowroot to thicken it. Yum.

Lunch today was half price burgers. Got a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. Totally yummy and worth the perhaps lack of nutritional value (although I haven’t been eating nearly enough beef the last couple weeks). Capoeira tonight, then trying a new recipe from Oh She Glows. Yeah, from greasy bacon cheeseburger lunch to vegan dinner. I’m nothing if not eclectic.


A Quick Pick-Me-Up: Custard Steamer

One thing I discovered that I love is milk steamers. At a coffee shop, a steamer is basically a flavored latte without the coffee. That is, hot milk and flavoring mixed together. But ever since I learned that citric acid can have MSG in it, and most flavor syrups have citric acid, I haven’t ordered any flavored coffee drinks out at coffee houses. But I can make my own, with nourishing sweeteners, like honey and maple syrup, and organic flavorings. And today, I learned that adding a beaten egg yolk and heating it with the milk makes a rich, drinkable, warm custard.

Custard Steamer
1 cup whole milk (milk and cream would be amazing)

dash of salt

1 tsp. or so of honey
1 egg yolk
flavoring of choice
Heat the milk, salt, and honey until the honey dissolves and steam starts to rise from the milk. Beat the egg yolk in a small dish (I used the mug from which I drank it and just rinsed it in between) and add about 1/3 of the hot milk. Add this back to the milk in the pan and heat over medium heat until it thickens and simmers at the edges. Made with milk, it will take on the consistency of half-and-half, and just barely start coating the back of a spoon. Remove from heat and stir in flavoring of choice (vanilla is always good). I like to strain it into a mug and let it cool for 10-15 minutes before drinking. It thickens as it cools.
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