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I think I need another food snob week

A while ago, I tried an experiment, where I tried to be incredibly discerning in what I ate, not just in searching for objectionable ingredients, but making the entire eating experience engaging to all the senses. It was fun and I had some great meals and developed slightly better habits regarding free snacks at work.

Well, I think it’s time I did that again. Pictures will probably go up on A Little Wild, if I bother to move them from camera to computer. That’s been something I’ve neglected lately. I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed with life, in general. I applied for some jobs, hoping maybe a job offer would help me light a fire to get my degree work done.

Saturday, I’m going to henna my hair. I did a first application a couple weeks ago, kind of a proof-of-concept with the leftover Jamila henna I had in the freezer from when I used to do my toenails. It worked nicely, although it pretty much only shows up on my grey hairs. I bought some organic Rajasthani henna, which is supposed to give burgundy tones, so it might actually change my overall hair color a little.

I’ll post pictures and thoughts when I have some sort of result.


I’m Not Doing This For Your Benefit

Once again, I’m finding myself annoyed at fitness articles.  I don’t know why I even read some websites anymore, although the annoyance isn’t all the time.  The particular one that struck me today was this one at  And a little bit from this one at the Guardian.  I mean, it’s a common enough thing.  Rip on people who are confident enough that they probably don’t care that you’re ripping on them.  You get to vent and feel better about yourself, and you’re unlikely to hurt the egos of the people involved.

Thing is, not all of us “overachievers” are egotistical bitches who are showing off their flexibility.  Yeah, the examples in the Guardian article sound like people legitimately striving for an injury, but I hear plenty of other people complain about people who are just more flexible than they are.  A friend of mine in the gym actually stopped and told me “that’s not fair” while watching me stretch after my lifting workout.

What?  What’s not fair?  The fact that I’ve been doing some form of yoga for almost 15 years and happen to be pretty flexible?  The fact that, if I’m actually going to get a decent stretch after a tough workout, I have to stretch, well, further than you happen to be able to?  Deal with it.

It’s the same mindset as the article about clothing in the gym.  Sure, it might be distracting to see a girl in hot shorts and a near-see-through tank top, but there’s really a simple solution to the problem.

Focus on your own damn workout.  I can’t speak for everyone at the gym, but when I get up and dress for the gym, I’m focused on wearing clothing that won’t restrict or interfere with my movement.  Yeah, that means tighter pants and often a sports-bra-tank-top rather than a t-shirt.  I have my reasons.  They have nothing to do with trying to pick up men or put on a show.

Which brings me to another thing that gets to me:  the constant belittling of pole dancing as a fitness class.  No, Blisstree, it’s not “just-for-funsies.”  Have you ever taken a real pole-dancing class?  One where you have to actually perform spins on the pole?  Guess what you use to support your weight while you’re whirling around the pole:  You arm strength.  It’s hard.  And you wear skimpy clothes because cloth slides off the pole, not because you’re trying to put on a show for anyone.  Seriously, climbing the pole while wearing yoga pants is pretty much impossible.

So I’m going to repeat myself.  Your problem isn’t me; your problem is you’re not focusing on your own damn workout.  None of this is for your viewing pleasure.  I’m just here trying to get a workout, like everyone else, right?  Well, except you.  You’re too busy judging us all.

Out of Practice

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks completely avoiding my yoga practice. Right now, I’m on my ladies’ holiday and it’s the full moon today, so maybe I’ll get back into things on Wednesday. With my husband out of town, I just haven’t felt like doing yoga, PLUS I’ve just felt run down and icky for a couple weeks. Definitely reached a head late last week with a truly nasty bout of PMS.

I’m feeling better today. Went back to the weight room, even though I did things a little differently. I’m thinking of shifting my weight routine to doing 3 sets instead of 5 and trying to use heavier weights in the second two sets. Maybe use one set for warm-up, then one set at a heavier weight, and if I still feel like I have it in me increase again for the third set, so that I’m pretty wiped after the third set.

Today I actually had a guy “come to my rescue” after my third set of squats. I hadn’t bothered to change the height of the rack so it was ever-so-slightly too high for me. No worries, I could get the bar back up there, but when I bumped it on my first try, this guy felt the need to leap to my rescue AND point out that it was set too high. Yes, thanks, please go away. I’m not a damsel in distress.

Tonight is the full moon.  I’ll probably do a meditation, maybe a tarot reading.

I’ve still been cooking.  Keep an eye on my Tumblr for some pics later on.  Dunno if anything I’ve cooked is posted-recipe-worthy.  But it’s still yummy.  Husband got back on Saturday night and has said that all he wants right now is home cooking and snuggling, both of which I’m more than happy to provide.

A Week In Pictures

This past week, I was solo in the apartment while my husband was away at a conference.  Combine the boredom of spending my nights socializing with a beagle and the pile of undone dishes leftover from the “hurricane” while the power was out, and I had little motivation to do much besides sit and watch Netflix and eat very simple food.  But I still managed.

Baked salmon, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts

This was what I made for dinner the night that I sat around and watched Sex and the City 2.  People really disliked that movie, but if you look past the flash and, well, Samantha’s entire character (caricature?), it actually has some sweet plot points.  And it brought back Aiden, whom I’ve always disliked.

I did invite some friends over for a chicken dinner and board games (though we ended up watching How to Train Your Dragon instead).  But I didn’t take pictures of that.

Fried eggs over creamed spinach

I did take a picture of dinner the night I stayed in and watched Letters to Juliet.  It is a testament to the sheer amount of Top Gear I watch that I saw the scene where they’re driving through the countryside early in the film and immediately noticed… that they’re driving a Fiat 500.  What?  They’re cute cars.

Then my man came home and I was over the moon happy.

Pancakes with berry compote and cream

So I made brunch.