The Bitters Project

As anyone who spends time around me on a daily basis knows, I’ve been having some issues with acne and breakouts recently. After reading The Nourished Life’s post on the root causes of acne, I started thinking about adding supplements to improve my digestion and/or hormonal balance.  Now, I know I’m hormonally unbalanced, but the idea of hormonal supplements, even traditional things like Vitex.  So when I noticed a new display at the store, I made my choice.  I would add herbal bitters to my routine and see if a couple weeks on this would produce an improvement.

from the Urban Moonshine website

The display featured Urban Moonshine‘s three herbal bitters preparations.  They each come in three sizes.  I went with the original formula, in the smallest size, a 10mL spray bottle.  The directions say to spray directly on the tongue before or after meals.  I’ve started today by spritzing my tongue twice after lunch, though in the future, I’ll try to remember it before meals.  I’m going to take the bitters three times a day, before each of my three main meals.  The only changes to my skin care routine is that I’ve finally bought a cleanser to take to the gym so I can actually wash my face after I lift twice a week.  Other than that, I’m using the same Earth science clarifying cleanser, Thayer’s witch hazel, and Burt’s Bees moisture cream that I always use.

Having taken my first dose, I can give my opinion on the taste of the bitters.  Well, they’re really, really bitter (duh).  But it’s not a bad taste.  It’s not a “ack, that’s so bitter it must be poisonous” bitter, but more of an herbal bitter flavor.  I could definitely taste an anise flavor, probably from the fennel seed.  It’s not bad.  The recommended dose is 4 sprays before every meal, but I only did 2 this time.  I’ll try to work up to 4 sprays before every meal.


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