Steam and Musings

Sometimes I just like to write a post about my day.  This time, I’m not even whining about anything, like I did earlier this week.  Yesterday was Wednesday, so we went out to lunch.  Half-price burgers.  Yum.  I got a burger and sweet potato fries and an ice cream on the walk back to work.  A lot of food, but I had a nice evening planned to make up for it.

First, I went for an evening swim.  Forty minutes, followed by ten minutes in the steam room, which was heaven.  It may smell a little funky, since it’s at the campus rec center Natatorium, but once the steam filled up the room, and the vents shut off, there’s this delicious silence that washes over everything.  I can’t even see another person in the steam room with me (though I did hear the door open at least once).  And for some reason, steam doesn’t heat up my body jewelry like the sauna does.  Probably some sort of specific heat thing.

So, pink and glowing, and tired from my swim, I retired to the locker room, showered off with cold water, put clothes back on, and combed my hair out.  I just kind of let it fall where it did when I was done combing it and I realized as I walked out of the locker room, because there are mirrors everywhere, that it looked kind of sexy, in a carefree way.  Nice.

Drive home.  Healthy dinner.  Salad and kamut pasta with a creamy tomato sauce.  No dessert, but I did have a glass of Italian red wine.  Montipulciano d’Abruzzo.

Finished the evening by reading up some of Neil Gaiman’s online journal.  I can’t bring myself to call it a blog.  I keep a blog.  My favorite writer keeps a journal.  He’s such a fantastic crafter of words and yet still comes off as a down-to-earth guy.  I need to poke around and see if there isn’t anything of his I haven’t read.  Honestly, I think I own every book he’s written for adults, plus Coraline.  I read Anansi Boys in Rome and it was fantastic.  I agree that it’s kind of underrated, and I liked it better than the first time I read American Gods.  Gods, I need to work on my own book.  My goal is to get it published, get recognized and noticed (if not rich), and get a guest spot on Top Gear, though I doubt the reasonably-priced car would ever be the same.

Oh, my wrist is doing a little better.  I got through the Primary series this morning, through Navasana, and did some Surya A to warm up before standing poses.  I only modified a little.  Still avoiding headstand, though I’ve always had mixed feelings about practicing that one at home.


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