Sunday Without Salutation

Started my day with what was supposed to be a long Sunday practice, only my wrist has been getting progressively more painful when I try to put weight on it. So no Surya Namaskar OR linking vinyasas the entire time. It felt weird. But I worked through the Primary series after completing a slow standing series, getting up through Navasana. I’ll add Bhujapidasana when my wrist feels better, I think.

But first, I set up a loaf of Passionate Homemaking’s soaked whole grain bread up to rise. I had mixed up the flour and wet stuff yesterday to soak for about 18 hours, so I just had to proof the yeast and add it. It’s a beautiful dough, if funny-feeling due to the oats and flax in it. My only changes to the recipe were that I didn’t add millet (but increased the flax to compensate) and I cut the amount of honey in half. Honestly, 1/4 cup of honey per loaf sounded like way too much sweetener for me. If it works, I might post my recipe, if only because it gives a cut-down recipe that makes just one loaf.

Really, it’s in the oven right now and it looks and smells just amazing.  Fresh, healthy, homemade bread for my breakfasts and lunches this week!

The rest of the day will be taken up with going to the markets and then attending a baby shower party/cookout, for which I’m making a big tossed salad with homemade citrus dressing.  Then, soup for dinner.


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