One $20 Chicken, So Much Bounty

This post is a bit late coming, but I wanted to share my adventures with local, pastured chicken. I got to the market on Sunday and knew I wanted a chicken from Lynne Ferguson, so I sent my husband to get extra cash. There she was, setting up her stand, with a hand-written sign that declared “Fresh Killed Chickens.” Yes.

Me: “Hey, are all your chickens spoken for or could I buy one?”

Lynne: “Yeah, they’re running about 4-6 pounds so let me know how big of one you want.”

Me: “Well, it’s just the two of us, so how about closer to 4 pounds?”

Husband showed up with money and we got ourselves a chicken.  Little over 4 pounds, $16.50.  Squishy and slightly bloody.  It was on.

I made roast chicken for Sunday dinner, served up both leg quarters to my husband and ate a wing and a breast myself.  Sauteed leeks in the chicken-y, fatty drippings until they were melty and yielding and spread that over my chicken, all on a bed of fresh steamed kale.  Heaven.

The fun part.

Then, the fun part.  Picking the carcass and loading all the bones into the crock pot and setting it to simmer away for over 24 hours.  Oh ye gods, the smells coming from that pot were excruciating.

I got 2 quart-sized containers of golden, amazing broth from that bird, along with a bit more, about 1-2 cups, which I used in my Tuesday night, post-climbing chicken stew, along with the rest of the chicken meat.  A hearty dinner, if I do say so.  The rest went into the freezer, where it will yield at least 2 more meals, if I just make soup, and could stretch to up to 4 meals if I don’t use all 4 cups in each container at once.  I have a feeling they will be soup, though.  Soup is my favorite impromptu meal.

All told, I got 2 hearty meals for two, plus 2 quarts of broth in storage for $16.50.  No, it’s not an oven-stuffer-roaster, but it’s such better quality.

Oh, and I stuck the liver in the freezer instead of throwing it in with the broth like I did the heart and neck.  Mmmm… I’ll have myself a treat one day when I fry that up with some onions and maybe some bread and butter.

This post is part of Fight Back Friday at Food Renegade.


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