Lunch Salad and Power Outage Musings

Here is my beautiful lunchtime salad. Raw kale, spinach, red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, boiled egg, and cheese. I added oil and vinegar for dressing right before I ate it. It took me an hour to eat and was completely delicious and vibrant-tasting. I even got myself a new lunch container this weekend so that I could fit the whole thing in one box, instead of bringing it in pieces. A nine-cup container.

Yeah, that’s a lot of salad.
But I was glad I’d had my huge shot of vegetable nutrients when I got home to a dark apartment. No power. No chance I’m cooking dinner with no water to wash things and a fridge that really should be kept closed. I thought I was destined for takeout for the evening.
Luckily, the power came back on shortly after I got home and I was able to make dinner, these veggie burgers, which I served over a salad with chipotle mayo. Followed with chocolate ice cream and a couple energy bites.
I swear my body has been starving today, tearing through food. Even when I wait and ask myself “am I really hungry?” I end up saying “heck yeah” after a while. I’m hoping this will make my run tomorrow evening better. Well, it’s late and I should go to bed. Enjoy looking at my beautiful salad!

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