Ye gods, she’s back!

So yeah. It’s been a while. Hi.

Where have I been (besides Rome, but you knew that)? Well, I’ve been playing with other things. Other diet ideas. Neglecting my herbs, but being more diligent about my yoga.
I’ve been exercising. Lifting weights. Running. Jumping and cartwheeling and dodging and bending (seriously). It’s been a wild couple of months.
Which brings me back here. Because I’ll always be a wild woman at heart. Who knows where I’ll go with this, but I think maybe I should try to update here more often. Maybe share some recipes. Some thoughts.
For example: I’ve come to the realization that trying to stick wholly to traditional foods, in the Nourishing Traditions vein, causes me to gain weight. There, I said it. And it’s not friendly, look at my beautiful womanly curves weight, either. I am a small-framed person with a naturally thin body type. Excess weight hangs around my belly and rear like teenagers at the movie theater. And it does nothing for how I feel about myself. So yeah, I’m not going to go vegan and start eating corn-syrup-laden fake foods, but I’m going to start going a little easier on the bread-and-butter and steak. More salads. Fewer desserts.
So, hi. I guess I’m back. Be seeing you.

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