It’s official (and has been for a while, but I’m always fashionably late to the party): Dr. Kurt Harris’ blog has gone from PaNu to Archevore. Archevore, which is loosely Greek for “one who eats of the essentials,” is a reimagination of the Paleo diet, keeping the spirit and losing the dogma. Avoid new-fangled foods that cause problems and don’t worry about ratios of this or that. Yeah, Omega-6:3 ratios are important, but what is more important is avoiding industrial seed oils and not fearing saturated fat. You do that and your ratios will fall into place.
Why do I like this?
Well, apart from the obvious allure of a man who knows how to use his Greek linguistic roots, Archevore more completely espouses the idea of evolutionary nutrition, not as a Diet, but as a way of thinking about food. Choose foods according to essential rules that are designed to help you avoid the majority of life’s problems and don’t obsess about the rest.
Don’t obsess about the rest. Yeah, I need that part. I like to obsess. And control. And cling to dogma. But if I can focus on avoiding industrial oils, refined/gluten grains, and sugar, I think I could feel a lot better about being healthy. So for now, I’m focusing on eliminating sugar and gluten. I already don’t eat much in the way of seed oils. And if I want to get some rice when I’m out at a Mexican or Asian restaurant? I’ll go for it.
And, since I haven’t posted a food picture in a while, a taco salad (lettuce, carrot, grass-fed beef with spices, avocado, fresh salsa):

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop

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  1. ooh -thanks for the link. what a great common-sense approach. I get so paralysed by food rules-sometimes i don't know what to eat :)kris


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