Vegan Marital Troubles

Well, it’s finally happened. One of my favorite advice columnists has finally tackled the outcome of vegan menacing. A woman wrote in and was published in the Sunday Carolyn Hax column asking how she could get her husband, who has recently strayed from their initially-mutual veganism, to relearn the fanaticism. And I was so proud of Carolyn for her response: For all your talk of compassion for animals, you’re not being very compassionate to the one you married.

AND she brings up ethical omnivory. And “those pointy teeth.”
It’s great that she didn’t turn this into a discussion of whether or not veganism is morally superior, or whether eating meat is wrong, apart from the pointy teeth comment, but rather seemed to frame this in a similar way to how she responds to people complaining about a loved one not conforming to some minutia of their religious beliefs. That is, after all, what this is.
Way to go, Carolyn Hax!

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