Rendering Tallow

I rendered some more tallow this weekend. I got a blob of suet, about a pound, from my grandmother a little while ago because she bought it to feed the birds and they wouldn’t eat it. It’s been in my freezer forever, and since I had to clear out the freezer to make space for more beef, I decided to render.
This time, I decided to use Mark Sisson’s technique of processing partially-frozen suet in the food processor to get small pieces, and then used Ann Marie’s technique to render the fat in the crock pot.

It took about 3 or 4 hours. 3 hours in, the beagle became very interested.

When it was done, I had a bunch of cracklins, which I strained through a coffee strainer in a mesh sieve.

After that, I had just over a half a reused ghee jar full of pale yellow tallow. It’s since cooled to a nice, creamy white color. I used some to brown some ground beef the other night. It’s nice to have tallow again. I highly recommend the crock pot method. I basically just set it to low and forgot about it until I heard sizzling. I did stir occasionally, and I took the lid off at the end to allow the last bits of water to evaporate, but all-in-all, it’s pretty hands-off, and there wasn’t much splattering.
(Yes, I did share some of the cracklins with the dog. He loves me best now.)
This post is part of Real Food Wednesday with Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

2 responses to this post.

  1. How much does it smell? I've heard it has quite an odor.


  2. When I rendered it in my cast-iron dutch oven on the stovetop, the whole apartment smelled like a Colonial candlemakers or something, but in the crock pot with small pieces, I didn't notice much odor, except maybe the smell of browning hamburger.


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