On Being a Food Snob

I have previously written about how real foodies are marginalized and why that’s ridiculous, but today I want to address the food snobs. You know who you are. Don’t worry, I’m one, too!

Being a “snob” has such negative connotations. Snobs are those people who look down their noses at everyone else, disdaining them for failing to maintain a quality of life that they consider adequate. They judge people based on their lifestyle, not considering that many do not have the means to maintain lavish lifestyles. That sounds bad, right?
So why don’t I think that being a “food snob” is a bad thing?
I’ll tell you: The label “snob” is not generally a self-imposed one. People will call others “snobs” with various qualifiers to indicate that said snobs are behaving in some negative way. “Food snobs” are those who are obviously deficient because they reject whole swathes of “normal” foodstuffs in the American diet. Anyone who insists on high-quality food and ingredients is instantly labeled a “food snob.”
And that is why being a food snob is not a bad thing. It is proof that you have expressed your preference for high-quality, sustainable, real foods, rather than settling for the industrial, hyper-commercialized edible food-like substance force-fed to the masses, starting with the advertising and the industrial lobbyists’ agendas that saturate our everyday lives. We snobs are the ones sitting and enjoying our food for what it actually is, rather than what the chemicals injected into it makes it taste like.
So when I say that I am spending week cloistered in strict food snobbery, that means that I’m enjoying real food, cooked from scratch with care. No rules or regulations other than “Eat. Real. Food.” How could that be bad?
This post is part of Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Nicely said. I get called a snob for various things, and as far as I am concerned it just means I want the best!


  2. nicely said! I used to think I was weird and that I had to hide what I ate from my starbucks drinking, instant noodles eating friends to be "normal", but now I'm proud to accept the food "snob" I am!


  3. Thanks for your comments! It's my hope that "food snob" can be reclaimed and just be synonymous with "foodie" or "healthy"!


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