Why Hello There

Hello there, my long-neglected readers. I’ve been terribly busy, what with having a birthday last week, and haven’t had a chance to update much at all. Rest assured that I have new recipes and herbal topics to cover soon.

Otherwise, what I’ve been doing:
I had my birthday party a week ago, which included homemade snacks and a beautiful homemade layer cake. No, not really healthy, but very very delicious.
I had my birthday lobster with my grandmother yesterday! It’s quickly becoming a yearly tradition, since I like lobster a lot more than I like most desserts. I had broth-based clam chowder, steamed lobster, mussels, broccoli, chorizo, a few bites of Boston cream pie, and a cup of Moroccan mint tea. Yum.
I’ve also been out way more than usual. I went out tango dancing Wednesday night at an awesome little bar in DC. Then, last night, I was out past midnight at a party. It was fun, but I can’t wait to get back to bed early, waking early.
For the coming week, I’ve decided that my birthday festivity week led to a little more sugar and junk food consumption than I’d like. So I’ve decided that for a week, I’m going to try to be a total food snob. If it’s not great food, I’m not eating it. We’ll see how that goes!
Coming soon to Wild, not Wise:
Spinach Pesto Meatballs
An introduction to the newest addition to our apartment
My portable herbal pharmacy
See you later in the week!

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