Comfort and Food

We’ve all heard of comfort food. Those guilty, high-fat, high-calorie, high-sugar vices that we all seem to have. Those treats to whom we run when life gets tougher. Chocolate is a biggie. Or baked goods. Or things that are fried.

I’m not here to debate what makes us crave the comfort foods we crave. Some have even tried to postulate that the specific craving we’re having points to a specific issue or deficiency. Personally, I just know that I had a crappy Friday and (therefore) weekend, and I’m spending today not being terribly resistant to the bags of candy my coworker brought in.
But I’m not stressing about it. After all, if you’re stressed, and running to comfort food, and then stressing about the comfort, then it’s just going to compound the problem. As long as I’m getting some good, nutrient-dense foods as well, I’ll take the good with the bad. Anyway, plenty of “comfort food,” like the plate pictured above is what I would consider awesome, nourishing food. Meatloaf with homemade gravy made from homemade broth, mashed potatoes with butter and cream, and broccoli with butter.
And I did have my glass of nettle infusion this morning to boost my adrenals.

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