Small Pleasures

Yesterday was a great Valentine’s day, but a stressful day in general. The main stressor was something so completely out of my control that I had to just get over it because obsessing about it wasn’t going to make anything better. So I decided to see how many small things in my evening I could find that brought me joy.

Salad with citrus and olive oil. This was our appetizer for Valentine’s day dinner, and ever since I cut up a grapefruit that I had lying around and toss the segments on top of a salad for a random lunch, I’ve loved the flavor of citrus, olive oil, and salt.
The color and scent of red kale. It’s not really red; it’s purple. It has my absolute favorite color combination, purple and green. And it has a particular scent, almost perfume-y. It’s not a green scent, but it is amazing. As I chopped kale for my lunches this week, I took a moment to stick my nose in and inhale the scent. It calmed me.

Simple roast chicken and boiled potatoes. I never knew how easy a fantastic meal could be. Roast chicken is my go-to meal for company because it seems so complicated, but really all you do it salt a chicken and put it in a hot oven. And boiled potatoes with butter and salt seem to be my ultimate comfort food.

Finally, when all else fails, a cup of sage tea and a relaxing nighttime beauty ritual will always calm me down and leave me ready for restorative sleep. Good morning, everyone!
This post is part of Tuesday Twister at GNOWFGLINS.

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  1. I love Sage Tea. The Red Kale is very interesting. Thank you for sharing and you have a great day!


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