Simple Natural Beauty: Basic Skin Care

I’ve decided to start a Wednesday series devoted to my beauty rituals, which I base around natural ingredients and simple practices. Today, to officially begin the series, I’ve chosen to focus on my personal skin care routine. As a teenager and younger person, I never experienced much acne, and even now, I rarely get more than one or two blemishes at a time. While proper skin care can help a variety of ailments, I find that the biggest influence on ones outward appearance is diet. When I nourish my body with appropriate, natural foods, my skin looks healthy and glowing.

So beyond my diet, I use very little on my face, and I use almost nothing that I would not eat. My everyday skin care ritual is broken up into two parts: morning and evening. In the mornings, I rinse my face with plain water. If I shower, I just let the water run over my face as I wash the rest of me, and if I do not shower, I splash my face with water from the sink, or else sometimes use a soft washcloth.
In the evenings, I spend a little more time on my face. Most nights, I wash with warm water and a wash cloth. Then, I use a little Thayer’s witch hazel toner on a cotton pad, and finish with a thin layer of frankincense and myrrh scented shea butter on still-damp skin. The shea butter absorbs overnight, and my beagle seems to love the scent when he jumps up on the bed with me.
It helps that I wear no makeup on a regular basis. If I get a blemish, I may use a little rhassoul clay as a spot treatment, perhaps with a little lavender essential oil, but in general, I try to avoid bothering my skin as much as possible. At least once a week, or so, I do a modified oil cleansing, using a mild sea buckthorn soap after removing the oil, and following with my witch hazel and shea butter. I’ve used jojoba oil in the past for oil cleansing, but right now I use grapeseed oil. It is a nice, light oil that makes a good cleansing oil, light moisturizer, or hair oil. I try to time this oil cleansing to be the night before I plan on washing my hair, so that if I get some oil in my hairline, it will be washed away in the morning.
An oil cleansing ritual can be as simple or as lavish as you want it, though I tend to stick to a simple massage of oil, followed by a hot, damp cloth to steam my pores. In the future, I will post about special-occasion skin pampering that I may do on a lazy Saturday, or when I want a luxurious pick-me-up.
This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday at GNOWFGLINS.

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  1. Great tips!I'm following from the blog hop.I'd love a follow back at http://www.mikaspantry.blogspot.comThanks,Mika


  2. Rosemary Gladstar's book Family Herbal has amazing natural face care. The Perfect Cream is great. I have been making it for a few years.


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