A Monday Morning Kind of Post

It’s Monday morning. Always a good time to take stock of what you’re been doing and where you’re going. Last week, I did lots of blogging, lots of cooking (as usual) and even started researching and writing my next Wellness the Wild Woman Way article. This in addition to my normal job. I hope I can continue my productivity this week!

I also made a nice big Mountain Rose Herbs order. I highly recommend them for all your herbal/natural needs. They have lots of nice, bulk dried herbs, spices, teas, oils and butters, and other supplies for herbal healing and natural living. I ordered a pound of pink Himalayan sea salt because I love the little jar my mother gave me for the holidays. And I got some peppercorns and paprika because I use them until I run out and then have not-as-fun food. I also ordered some more sage (my favorite stress-relief herbal ally!), some peppermint leaf, and some lemon balm, along with some small, corked jars so that I can bring some dried herbs to work to make healing herbal teas without going home. I’ll blog about my office-apothecary set when I get it done.
Today is Valentine’s day (or Lupercalia, or some extension of Imbolc, if you prefer), and I’m cooking a nice meal. I also made a soaked cherry-chocolate-chip loaf for the office. I’m also starting a capoeira class tomorrow night. So I guess my goals for the week are to keep busy, keep active, and keep blogging!

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