A Wild Woman’s Shortcut: Ti-fusions

Today’s tip is a quickie. I’ve posted before about nourishing herbal infusions, as taught by Susun Weed. But sometimes I don’t put together an infusion before I go to bed, or I just want an herbal pick-me-up without steeping a lot of herb for a long amount of time. So I’ve started making what I call mini-infusions or “ti-fusions” (a mix between a tisane and an infusion). I use 2 Tbsp. of dried herb in about a cup and a half of boiling water, and cover while it steeps for 30-60 minutes.

The resulting brew is stronger than herbal tea and retains the characteristic rich taste of the infusion of the herb, but it’s weaker than a full infusion, and stays warm so I don’t have to reheat it. Also, since it’s less potent, I feel comfortable taking familiar herbs and mixing them, rather than just making a simple like I would for an infusion.
They are also effective. I make ti-fusions of red clover, which is one of my favorites since it’s so expensive, and then still drive away a headache easier than a tea. Nettle ti-fusion gives me a little nudge of nourishing energy in the mornings, and red raspberry leaf ti-fusion soothes moontime difficulties. They may not be as potent as a full infusion, but they are a good compromise between being frugal with your dried herbs and still getting the benefits of water-based herbal preparations.

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