Super Bowl Snacks

I thought I’d post some pictures of the goodies I made last night for the Super Bowl. After last year, my husband and I decided we liked staying in and enjoying the game with just the two of us, so that’s what we did again this year, even though we weren’t snowed in.

I made chili fries to start. The chili was the perfect topping chili I have ever made. I cooked up a slurry of about a teaspoon each of chili powder, cumin powder, garlic powder, and dried oregano (maybe only 1/2 tsp. oregano) in some ghee, then added 6 oz. of ground beef and some chopped onion. I added a can of Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes with green chiles that I had pureed in the blender and let the whole thing simmer for about an hour. I served it over homemade oven fries, but it would be great on organic hot dogs, too!

Then, we had mini-burgers. With raw cheese. On homemade wheat buns. And plenty of beer to wash it down. I had my favorite, Saranac Brewery Black Forest. Delish.
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  1. How do you make your fries?


  2. I cut them into sticks, tossed them with melted ghee, and then baked them on a wire rack in a two-step process, first at 375 until they were tender, then at 450 until they were browned. Salted when they got out of the oven, but only lightly. I used a good deal of ghee. Baking wasn't about being lower-fat; I'm just crap at frying.


  3. Thanks! I never do anything because it is lower fat. I like the baking thing because it is easier and doesn't spit grease at you. I bake my bacon for this reason.


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