Walking the Wild Ways

Being a wild woman is about walking the wild ways, finding the wildness, both in yourself and in the world around you, and embracing the wild world’s abundance. The wild ways are not the wilderness, not somewhere that you need a trip to visit, though there are some beautiful wildernesses in this world; they are the places you find, the places you make for yourself.

Today I went for a walk, embracing the rain and the cold, slipping on a pair of thin shoes so I could feel the shape of the earth beneath my feet and the wet and the cold. The world was thawing today, the water running down the sides of the piles of frozen slush that lined the trails and coated them in some places. The lake surface was glassy and still, awaiting the moment that it might burst through its icy coating once more, rippling and throwing sunlight. The whole of the landscape spoke water; even the air felt thick with it. Little points of moisture condensed on my face as I walked through the trees. The whole park was painted in grey and brown and bits of green where holly and pine and ivy accented it.
And even though I was walking through a city park, next to a major highway, I could feel the wildness of this place. The tangles of limbs and leaves and needles mixing into the humus of the forest floor lay where they fell, not arranged by any gardener. And when I took the steep path out of the parking lot, back up towards the road, I felt a distinct sense of emerging, from the wilds back into civilization. It is restorative in a deep way, nourishing a place untouched by sleep, food, or hot drinks.
After emerging from my journey through the wilds, I returned to my home, removed wet things and wrapped up in dry things, and made myself a cup of sage tea.
{an aside: Please visit my new page, Wellness the Wild Woman Way, which will have articles about nutrition, herbal healing, and wellness practices.}

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