Illness and Comfort

One of the reasons for my various long hiatuses (hiati?), besides my stressful day job, is that I have gotten sick twice in the last two months. First, I returned from Brazil with a stomach bug; then, I found myself with a terrible flu during my Yule holiday. Well, I admit, I did resort to some Advil to bring my fever down while I had the flu, but I also made sure to eat plenty of nourishing foods.

The best of the nourishing sick foods is probably soup. Nourishing soup is made with homemade bone broth. I had both chicken and duck broth in my freezer, and was particularly stocked because I had cooked both a chicken and a duck within a week of getting sick. Since we eat a lot of beef, and I don’t purchase many beef bones, this was a wonderful coincidence.
For my get-well soup, I boiled some soba (buckwheat) noodles and steamed some kale. I simmered the broth with some tamari and sliced ginger. Then, I put noodles, kale, and chopped leftover chicken in a bowl, topped them with raw green onions and garlic, and ladled the hot broth over them. I forgot to take a picture of this, but a hard boiled egg is a wonderful way to finish it off.
How is your cold and flu season going? I hope this soup finds you in good health, or brings you back to it!
(This post is part of Real Food Wednesdays at Kelly the Kitchen Kop)

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  1. I am sitting here after being in bed a couple of days with a doozy of a cold. I don't feel a whole lot better yet, but just had to get out of bed for a while. Fortunately I had chicken soup in the freezer, made with wonderful pastured chickens and farmers market veggies. At least I am eating well. I will be trying your recipe for sure!


  2. i don't get sick anymore….knock on wood. 4 years and only one sickness that i can say was a problem. flu went around my house twice and i avoided it both times. i attribute this to my diet that keeps inflammation low and my immune system strong.


  3. It looks so yummy. Hot soup is good for starving tummy. lol. Seriously,hot soup provides a comforting meal and rehydrate your body which is good for the sick. Adding a quick bowl of soup to your meals especially during the cold season can help you warm up and avoid unnecessary calories.


  4. Oh, Chris, I hope you're feeling better now. My flu started out just feeling like maybe I'd over-exerted myself. I like to think my soup might have made a difference.Chuck, yeah, I'm almost to the point where I don't get sick, but I think having lunch with a friend who works in a doctor's office was more than my system could handle. That and the holidays throwing more sugar at me than I could resist!Sophie, yeah, I love soup, but I'll actually add coconut milk to it sometimes because I've never been afraid of a few extra calories!Thank you for all the lovely comments.


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