Eat The Egg Yolk, People!

So many places I turn I see people eating egg whites, supposedly in the name of health. My younger sister used to even buy the expensive Omega-3 eggs, and then throw out the yolks because she didn’t like them. So I just wanted to post a rant and try to convince people to eat those yolks. No, I’m not going to cite studies, although they do exist, that say that the dietary cholesterol in eggs is not a risk factor for heart disease. Nor is the saturated fat. Nor am I even going to cite information that says that egg whites prevent the absorption of biotin.

What I did do is put the nutrition information for eggs, egg yolks, and egg whites into my nutrition software. Guess what? A large egg contains 6g of protein, 27% of the RDI of vitamin B12, 22% of riboflavin, 13% of vitamin D, and even some vitamin E. Just the white of that egg? It has just over 3g of protein and 13% of the RDI of riboflavin. Yes, people, almost HALF THE PROTEIN in an egg is in the white. And virtually all of the beneficial nutrients. And if you look at equal volumes of egg white versus whole eggs, the whole eggs actually have MORE protein than the egg whites.
Eat the egg yolk. If you’re on some diet where you avoid fat at certain times, save the egg yolk and eat it later, when you’re not avoiding fat. If you’re avoiding fat all the time, stop. Egg yolks are practically the whole reason for eating an egg anyway.

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