A New Direction

Earlier, I wrote about how I’d like to take my love of real food and natural health and turn it into a wellness consulting business. I even made a new Google account with an email address and a separate blog to act as a website for this hypothetical consulting “business.” Well, taking even a low-level course to get any kind of herbalist or nutritional consultant certification is not in the financial picture for me right now, but I think still have something to offer. So I’ve decided that I’d let my blog followers help me out. If you’re interested in chatting with me about nutrition, and even getting a copy of some of the meal-planning documents that I use personally, please contact me at wildwomanwellness [at] gmail [dot] com. This is, of course, free of any charge, and it is my hope that anyone who enjoys my style of life and meal planning will help spread the word when I actually do decide to strike out semi-professionally.

Materials that I have personally include:
  • A meal template, which I can use to plan six meals in a matter of less than an hour
  • A shopping list template that I use to organize my grocery shopping so I don’t forget anything anymore
  • A list of products that I keep on hand for natural healing
  • And over a year of experience trying to live my beliefs about nourishing, traditional foods, and how I’ve navigated the pitfalls, while still being a productive grad student!

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