Still Here

When I started grad school, I found myself miserable all the time about school. I cried a lot. Then, one day a friend of mine invited me out running. It was amazing, and I learned that the vigorous activity helped release some of my stress. I dove in, joining the Runner’s World forum with the user handle “Not Dead Yet.” It was a reference to my favorite Monty Python movie, as well as the feeling I got when I went running. See, I’m asthmatic, and in those early days, I would be gasping after a mile or so. I built up, and ran a marathon, and now, while I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon, I can pop out the door for a 3-5-mile run with no problems.

But I still have “not dead yet” moments. A not dead yet moment is when you know you’re pushing yourself to some limit, but you’re just not ready to give in and walk it off. Right now, I think I’m there with my work life. I’m trying to prepare to defend my PhD thesis in the spring, and the combination of thinking about that, and still trying to maintain a rich personal life has been draining. I’ve adored reading all the blogs in my feed, but I just haven’t felt like blogging myself.
So this is a notice that, yes, I am still here. My computer miraculously has worked for the last month or so. And I do promise to return to posting my thoughts on real food, herbal healing, and unique spirituality.

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