A Season of Gratitude

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday at GNOWFGLINS.

Today is the first full day of Autumn, and the Equinox, when traditionally is celebrated the second of the three pagan harvest festivals, Mabon. It also happens to be the full moon, so the Harvest Moon actually falls on the Harvest Festival. Neat.

In honor of what is called pagan thanksgiving, I want to share some of the blessings that I’ve recognized in my life over the past year:
  1. About a year ago, I first discovered traditional, nourishing diets, and was able, by changing the way I eat, to go from at least one migraine per week to going over two months without a migraine. I now have one maybe once a month, usually when I’m stressed or the weather is strange.
  2. I’m so glad I’ve started researching herbal remedies in the Wise Woman tradition. Adding nourishing infusions to my lifestyle seems a gentler way of healing than just having remedies for acute symptoms.
  3. I’m thankful that I have a wonderful husband who supports all these changes I’ve made, and has even added his own.
  4. I’m thankful for the understanding and support of my family members, despite the fact that they don’t have the same philosophies.
  5. I’m glad that I’ve had a year full of learning and productivity, and I look forward to taking the next step with my degree and getting a new job.

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