Whole30 Final Recap

Well, yesterday was day 30 of my Whole30, and I finished strong. I learned some things, and saw some changes, but not as dramatic as some people seem to. I guess partly that’s validation that my diet is pretty healthy to begin with.

Can I just stop here and say how glad I am I’m back on butter? When I was cooking my eggs and greens this morning, I sliced a thin slice just to eat. Yum.
Anyway, I did find some things that I’m going to keep in my cooking rotation:
  1. Coconut curry veggies as a side dish.
  2. Egg-based stir-fries — don’t need no rice!
  3. Girl Gone Primal’s Pizza Cake. I make it with chopped broccoli instead of cauliflower and it’s so yummy, and pretty frugal, since it’s only 2 eggs per person.
  4. Grain-free breakfasts. Yes, I will eat oatmeal occasionally when the weather gets cold, but eggs and smoothies are great breakfasts for me.
  5. At least one grain-free dinner per week.
  6. Sweet potatoes. They are my friends.
I am, however, adding dairy back to my diet today, and grains tomorrow (although I might start tonight). I’m glad I’ve gotten past needing a sweet every day, so we’ll probably start treating dessert as a once-a-week thing, rather than a nightly thing, and I’m not even tempted by cookies at work anymore. But I’m glad I have my butter back.
One more thing: Pictures. I did look at my before and after photos, and, honestly, I didn’t notice that much difference. Yes, my tummy was a bit flatter, but I’ve also been increasing my running and exercise over the last month, so I’m going to take more pictures in another month to see how a month of WAPF-style eating, coupled with increased exercise, changes things.

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