Whole30 Week 4 Recap

Well, I’m nearing the finish line. Inspired by Kara at Wilde About Health, I’ve decided that I don’t want to be paleo forever. Apart from anything else, I like to run. Long-ish distances (half marathon is my favorite race distance, so far). So I feel better when I have grains/potatoes/dairy in my diet, and I do the activity to merit them.
This weekend, I took body pictures to compare to my “before” pictures that I took four weeks ago (no, I’m probably not going to post them). It was the same time of day, and I’d had roughly the same number of meals, the difference being that four weeks ago, I had a bean-and-cheese burrito for lunch, while yesterday I had pulled pork and veggies.
Oh yeah, the Kensington Farmers Market yesterday — brilliant. I suggested it originally as a brunch outing with my mom because I figured we could pick up some local veggies, maybe some fruit, and some eggs, and go home and make a big, paleo-compliant veggie scramble for brunch. But mom wanted to try eating there. So I gave the barbecue stand guys the third degree and found out that they smoke their meat with just salt and pepper, add the sauce only if you want it, and they don’t put sugar/mayo/dairy in their cole slaw. So I munched on some of the best pulled pork and cole slaw I’ve had in a while, sans bun and sauce. Yum.
I’ve enjoyed my Whole30. Even through my period, I’ve had sweets cravings, but nothing unbearable, and I was able to hold onto the idea that hitting a reset button to kill my sugar cravings was worthless if the first thing I do after I’m “done” officially is to gorge on sweets. I’m not going to do that.
I do still have two more days left, so I’ll post a Whole30 full recap after that.

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