The Wild Woman’s Way

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday at GNOWFGLINS.
Today started out pretty well. I ended yesterday’s work day with some solid data-taking, and was able to finish up before lunch today. Started copying files over to analyze tomorrow. A leak right over my experiment miraculously stopped leaking. I even took some tentative steps towards the future by emailing a researcher whose project I find fascinating and whom I’d heard might be needing some new post-docs.
But I just heard back from him. Positions have been filled. Phooey.
Add to that the fact that I made a batch of brownies tonight that I have not touched (they’re half for my husband and half for a coworker who was very understanding today). Yeah. It’s torture; they smell amazing. And the combination of being disappointed over the job news and the smell of chocolate is making me want to dive right into a brownie or five.
But I didn’t.
Instead, I took a breath, relaxed, and thought of something that I suggested to someone else. I had my husband make me a cup of tea. Red clover tea. Sure, red clover is all the rage these days among alternative fertility bloggers because of its estrogenic effects, but it’s also a source of salicylic acid and an all-around feel-good tea. My husband actually turned me on to it when I had really bad allergies because he swears by it as a decongestant. And the flowers are pink.
When I was in Idaho, I saw red clover growing wild just everywhere. Made me want to carry scissors with me wherever I went. They rambled around front yards and along roadways, waving their vibrant blossoms at me in greeting. They’re nearly impossible to miss or mistake (although we did see a thistle that was similar in shape and color).
So I have my old mug from the Ithaca farmers market, and a muslin bag full of pink blossoms, steeping in water, and the world is still right. It’s self-medicating, a little wiser than chocolate or alcohol, but still in my own wild way.
(Red clover picture from here)

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