Sage Tea and Cod Liver Oil

There is a nip in the air, and a distinct feeling of it being my sixth year of grad school starting.

Yup, that means it’s about time I thought about writing my thesis and defending it and getting my degree.
So, needless to say, I’m a bit stressed, and getting less time to sneak out and run around in the sunshine in the middle of the day. So I’ve turned to my two favorite stressful-no-longer-summer remedies: sage and cod liver oil.
I have blogged about sage before. I consider Salvia officinalis to be my personal herbal ally, my comfort on a rough or headache-y day, and just all-around a good aromatic mint to have around. But I hadn’t, till now, tried it as an infusion. I made a teensy amount (0.15 oz. dried sage in a 4-oz. baby food jar of boiling water) and have been stirring a teaspoon or two into a short glass of water every morning.
But, even better, I’ve been using that water to chase my morning shot of cod liver oil. And not just my usual, Carlson’s CLO from the organic store — I splurged and bought a bottle of Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I only have to take 1/2 tsp., so I shoot it right down my throat and chase it with sage-water. Yum.
This morning I even added a small dish of sauerkraut as a companion to this (pre-breakfast snack).
My husband thinks I’m weird.
Oh, I got the Oslo Orange flavor, since I thought it would be the most similar to my lemon-flavored Carlson’s CLO, but I don’t really think I taste the flavoring. Since I don’t care for cinnamon as a flavoring, I might try the Mediterranean or unflavored next time.

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