Observations of the Wild Runner in her Natural Habitat

I went for a run today. This is hardly news; I run three times a week, usually in the mornings. After a week off from barefooting, I went back to going barefoot for the last few minutes of my run. It’s great the reactions of others when you’re going barefoot, especially when you’re a late-20s female, and they are young males.

In my .4 miles barefoot, I impressed a gaggle of middle-school-age guys waiting at their bus stop. The audible wincing, the “whoa”s and other comments made me smile, and gave me a little kick for the end of a 4-mile, weekday morning run. Then, when I was back at my apartment complex, one of the guys walking to the bus, said “So you ran right out of your shoes?” with a smile.
Yeah, I can’t wait to get back into barefoot completely.

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  1. I walk to and from the train station (20 mins) in bare feet to help toughen them. You can imagine the looks I get, considering my other attire is a business suit. Once, a guy stopped me in the street and said "Hey, are those Vibram Five Fingers any good?" – even though, as I say, I had no shoes on at all. Dude had obviously but 2 & 2 together.


  2. Yeah, it's nice how BF/minimal is catching on — I have a friend whose physical therapist recommended Vibrams to him.


  3. Have you read this book? Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? I haven't yet but apparently it's about walking barefoot on the ground and how it can vastly improve your health by utilizing the Earth's surface electric energy. I used to walk around barefoot all the time as a kid but have ceased doing so. I am concerned about things like broken glass since so many people can't properly dispose of their waste. This inspires me though, maybe next time I am on a hike I will take off my shoes.


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