Whole30 Week 2 Recap

Well, after today, I’m officially halfway through my Whole30. This week has been one of thinking, and of odd cravings, and of lessons. I made it a week without nightshades this week, though I can’t say I feel any differently, so I’m adding them back during the coming week, to see if I feel worse. I definitely hit my stride in planning and eating simple, paleo meals.
Currently, I have a 4.5-lb. chunk of grass-fed rump roast braising in some homemade beef bone broth (it gelled!) in the oven. That should give me meat for most of the rest of the week, especially if I supplement with one meatless dinner made from the rest of the broth. My running is getting back to where it was, and I completed a 5-miler this morning on a decently hilly course without even feeling tempted to take a break.
I also planned my strategy for after my Whole30. I do not plan on staying paleo for the rest of my life; that was never the idea. But I think this plan is a great tool for resetting one’s food preferences, attitudes, and ideas. And I intend to do some focused tests to see if I have any acute sensitivities. After this month, I shall add back butter, wheat, and milk on separate days, to check for an acute reaction, and then proceed with a Price-style traditional diet, focusing on foods from the British Isles (oats, leeks, kale, fish, meat, and dairy) as much as possible for a month. And then I’ll assess how I feel after a month of traditional food, versus how I feel at the end of my Whole30.
Oddly enough, I’ve noticed that my cravings have changed. I no longer crave candy or pizza, but I find myself craving butter and cream and chicken liver pate and soaked oatmeal porridge. Yes, I have the occasional craving for honey or maple syrup, but if I catch a glimpse of the last peanut butter cup sitting in the secretary’s candy dish, I don’t really have to fight myself to leave it alone.
And I’ve found, most importantly, that all these cravings are fleeting anyway. When I’m truly hungry, I find myself able to want food, rather than a particular food. One of my biggest problems prior to this was that I made poor choices when I was hungry: even if I knew I had a nice packed lunch, I would abandon it to go out for burgers if asked. Now, as long as I have Whole30-style food on hand, I have no problem eating that, rather than wanting something else. And that is something, at least for me.

3 responses to this post.

  1. What are the last 2 dishes?


  2. I echo Kara's question. I'm almost done with my first week of Whole30, and I'm struggling to find dishes that taste good and are still Whole30 friendly. Its really changing how I eat in major ways.


  3. The first two dishes are sweet potato hashes, one with kale and homemade turkey sausage and one with cabbage and fried eggs. The third dish is salmon cakes (got the recipe from Everyday Paleo, 1 can salmon to 1 egg and maybe a Tbsp. chopped leek/onion) with roasted leeks and fennel. The last dish is pork-and-summer-squash stir-fry with ginger, topped with poached eggs and avocado.


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