Lessons from Five Days Without a Home Computer

I got my computer back! It’s nice to have unlimited access to a computer (particularly the internet) whenever I want, but I will say I had a nice, relaxing week. Here are some things I learned:

1.) My morning and evening routines are much more relaxed when I’m not surfing the internet. I get ready to go to work earlier and get to bed earlier. It’s really nice, and I think I’ve even been sleeping better.
2.) Everything is still there even if I can’t check it right away.
3.) It really only takes me 5-10 minutes in the morning to check my comics and blogs. Seriously.
So, three quick lessons. I somewhat enjoyed being partially unplugged in the mornings and evenings, so I think I shall try now to lay off the excessive web surfing. We’ll see how long that lasts…
Tomorrow: Whole30 Week 2 recap!

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