Whole30, Week 1 Recap

So I’ve been following the Whole30 plan for the last seven days. The first few days were a little rough, although some of that was unrelated, as I was sidelined with a migraine the first two days. But, oddly enough, the migraine was a blessing in disguise, as when I have a migraine, I tend not to want to eat, and this killed any food cravings I might have had. I ate when I needed to, and had no problem making good choices.

By Day 4, I started getting into the swing of paleo eating. I did find that I simply wasn’t eating enough food most days, so I made an emergency stop at our natural foods store to pick up extra snacking supplies. I got some kiwi fruits, a pack of Applegate Farms roasted red pepper sausages, and a Larabar (Cherry Pie flavor). I did eat the sausages and the kiwi. Oh my, but after several days off sugar, kiwi tasted like candy!

I did not eat the Larabar, as I see Larabars as kind of the nuclear option of sticking with paleo/Whole30. While it fits the letter of the food allowances, it is uncomfortably close to a candy bar for me to feel truly paleo when eating one. But I have them in my desk, in case I’m desperate for food, so that I don’t end up running for the vending machine.

That said, I’ve only gone upstairs to the floor with the vending machines once this past week, and it was to use the showers after my afternoon run. By Day 7, I was able to navigate a party at my mom’s house, making Whole30-approved choices without feeling deprived or marginalized, despite the fact that they had evil cupcakes. But I did take “my” cupcake home for my husband to eat tonight before he leaves on his trip.
Next week, Whole30 as a “single lady,” while my husband is out of town, and an attempt at a nightshade-free week!

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