Whole30, Day Three

Well, I survived my first two days of Whole30 with minimal issues. I did have a killer, day-and-a-half migraine, but I’m reasonably certain that it was a combination of weather and that-time-of-the-month that precipitated that. I have been having oddly few cravings for sweets. I had maybe a scant handful of almonds with a tablespoon-ish of unsweetened dried blueberries as a snack yesterday, and then some carrots sticks with almond butter just before dinner, but I realized after the fact that the carrots alone probably would have sufficed. I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of my meals.

I made a lovely steak to eat with friends on Sunday night. One friend brought broccoli to go with, and the other brought some local fruit for dessert, which was marvelous. I had preceded it with a 4-mile run, some Whole30-compliant coconut-and-squash custards (ingredients: coconut milk, eggs, squash puree, spices if you want them), and a big salad for lunch. Yesterday, I had leftovers for lunch (mmm… steak…) and eggs with roasted veggies for dinner. Yum.
So far, I’ve learned that I don’t need to eat nuts along with my coconut milk and blueberry smoothie in the morning, so I’m saving them for a snack later today. Pictures later in the week, I promise.

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