Adventures and Updates!

So I’ve been quiet for a long time. I meant to start blogging again this weekend, but my computer has been malfunctioning intermittently, and didn’t want to start up this weekend. Consequently, since weekends are a good time to upload pictures, I haven’t uploaded any of my recent photos. I can, however, give a small recap of what I’ve been up to, and a promise to try to get a real blog entry up as soon as I can.

First of all, I spent 2 weeks in northern Idaho, visiting my husband’s family. It was a great time, full of cooler weather, lots of fresh produce from my mother-in-law’s garden, and my first experience tasting raw goat’s milk (delish!). I also went huckleberry-picking, and my father-in-law has promised to dehydrate our share and send them to us (yay!).
Then I had my first week back after vacation. With the new moon around the same time I was trying to get back to work, I was feeling very stagnant, so I didn’t immediately get back into the swing of things. I think I made all of 2 herbal infusions last week. Oops. But I’ve been eating alright, probably because I was so sick of all the fast food from the weeks before, and now I’m starting to feel more myself.

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  1. Glad your computer is back up and running. If you want to keep on enjoying delicious goat milk check out Cheers, Joe


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