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Whole30, Week 1 Recap

So I’ve been following the Whole30 plan for the last seven days. The first few days were a little rough, although some of that was unrelated, as I was sidelined with a migraine the first two days. But, oddly enough, the migraine was a blessing in disguise, as when I have a migraine, I tend not to want to eat, and this killed any food cravings I might have had. I ate when I needed to, and had no problem making good choices.

By Day 4, I started getting into the swing of paleo eating. I did find that I simply wasn’t eating enough food most days, so I made an emergency stop at our natural foods store to pick up extra snacking supplies. I got some kiwi fruits, a pack of Applegate Farms roasted red pepper sausages, and a Larabar (Cherry Pie flavor). I did eat the sausages and the kiwi. Oh my, but after several days off sugar, kiwi tasted like candy!

I did not eat the Larabar, as I see Larabars as kind of the nuclear option of sticking with paleo/Whole30. While it fits the letter of the food allowances, it is uncomfortably close to a candy bar for me to feel truly paleo when eating one. But I have them in my desk, in case I’m desperate for food, so that I don’t end up running for the vending machine.

That said, I’ve only gone upstairs to the floor with the vending machines once this past week, and it was to use the showers after my afternoon run. By Day 7, I was able to navigate a party at my mom’s house, making Whole30-approved choices without feeling deprived or marginalized, despite the fact that they had evil cupcakes. But I did take “my” cupcake home for my husband to eat tonight before he leaves on his trip.
Next week, Whole30 as a “single lady,” while my husband is out of town, and an attempt at a nightshade-free week!

Just Had to Share This: Best Paleo Lunch Ever

I’m sitting here eating my lunch after a 3-mile lunchtime run, and gosh but it just seems like the best lunch ever. Now, maybe hunger is the best sauce, but I think there’s something to the combo of sweet/salty/rich/fresh that this lunch box serves up.

Six-Layer Paleo Lunch
1/4 bunch of kale, chopped
1/4 butternut squash, sliced and roasted (I did 450 degrees for like 20 min., the night before)
1/4 each of red and green bell pepper, sliced
handful of broccoli sprouts
1 can of wild salmon, drained and flaked
1/2 avocado, sliced
Layer squash atop kale, cover and nuke for a minute. Layer on peppers, sprouts, salmon, and avocado. Eat. Makes one serving.
How I did this was to pack 4 different tupperwares with kale and squash, then put all the peppers I’d need for four servings into one container, sprouts in another. The avocadoes go in whole form and the salmon in cans. That way, I can nuke the first two layers, and add the rest of the layers right on top of that tupperware. I might post pictures later, if I get them, but I rarely have my camera at work…

Whole30, Day Three

Well, I survived my first two days of Whole30 with minimal issues. I did have a killer, day-and-a-half migraine, but I’m reasonably certain that it was a combination of weather and that-time-of-the-month that precipitated that. I have been having oddly few cravings for sweets. I had maybe a scant handful of almonds with a tablespoon-ish of unsweetened dried blueberries as a snack yesterday, and then some carrots sticks with almond butter just before dinner, but I realized after the fact that the carrots alone probably would have sufficed. I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of my meals.

I made a lovely steak to eat with friends on Sunday night. One friend brought broccoli to go with, and the other brought some local fruit for dessert, which was marvelous. I had preceded it with a 4-mile run, some Whole30-compliant coconut-and-squash custards (ingredients: coconut milk, eggs, squash puree, spices if you want them), and a big salad for lunch. Yesterday, I had leftovers for lunch (mmm… steak…) and eggs with roasted veggies for dinner. Yum.
So far, I’ve learned that I don’t need to eat nuts along with my coconut milk and blueberry smoothie in the morning, so I’m saving them for a snack later today. Pictures later in the week, I promise.

Lessons Learned From Running in a Flood

Okay, so my computer is definitely dead. I’m reduced to borrowed computer time, so don’t expect my posts to be any more regular than they were before I jaunted off to Idaho. But, in the meantime, I thought I’d share some thoughts I had while running Wednesday morning.

Anyone from the DC area probably knows that Wednesday morning was not the best time to go running. It was pouring rain, and pretty much every river, lake, stream, creek, drainage ditch, and kiddie pool was contributing to Aqua-pocalypse (hey, it worked for Snowpocalypse!). But hey, I wanted to go running! And it’s not like there was lightning and a tornado watch like last week (double oops). So here are lessons learned in the half hour that I slogged and high-kneed it through my course.

1.) You never know how deep muddy water is. This may sound very Zen… until you end up shin-deep in water and your eyes get very wide.

2.) Run like you’re running barefoot, even if you’re not. Actually, I had this driven home 2 weeks ago while berry-picking when I drove a sharp stick all the way through the soles of my sneakers. Yeah, I was present enough to feel it puncture the insole, so it didn’t get too far into my foot, but if I’d really been walking like I was barefoot, I wouldn’t have stepped on it in the first place.

3.) Heavy rains are the best way to get the roads almost completely to yourself. Seriously, there weren’t even any squirrels crazy enough to be out there with me.

4.) Not crazy, dedicated.

5.) Tree branches sag when they are heavy with extra water from the rain. When the rain is heavy, bigger branches sag. Leaves can cover up larger branches that aren’t moved by simply brushing with one hand ahead of your face.

6.) The human face is remarkably resilient.

7.) I really don’t bruise on my face, even though I bruise everywhere else to easily.

8.) Seriously, I’m not crazy, I just don’t like to miss a run.

9.) After the first 2-5 minutes in the rain, you’re saturated. You’re not going to get any wetter, so you may as well stay out as long as it takes to finish.

10.) I actually really like running in the rain. Yes, Wednesday was ridiculous, and some of those raindrops were big enough to hurt, but I’d choose rain over full sun pretty much any day.

11.) Yes, raindrops can hurt.

12.) Again, not crazy. Dedicated. Seriously.

Coming up next time I get some blogging time: I’m starting my first Whole 30.

Adventures and Updates!

So I’ve been quiet for a long time. I meant to start blogging again this weekend, but my computer has been malfunctioning intermittently, and didn’t want to start up this weekend. Consequently, since weekends are a good time to upload pictures, I haven’t uploaded any of my recent photos. I can, however, give a small recap of what I’ve been up to, and a promise to try to get a real blog entry up as soon as I can.

First of all, I spent 2 weeks in northern Idaho, visiting my husband’s family. It was a great time, full of cooler weather, lots of fresh produce from my mother-in-law’s garden, and my first experience tasting raw goat’s milk (delish!). I also went huckleberry-picking, and my father-in-law has promised to dehydrate our share and send them to us (yay!).
Then I had my first week back after vacation. With the new moon around the same time I was trying to get back to work, I was feeling very stagnant, so I didn’t immediately get back into the swing of things. I think I made all of 2 herbal infusions last week. Oops. But I’ve been eating alright, probably because I was so sick of all the fast food from the weeks before, and now I’m starting to feel more myself.