Mindful Menus: Flexibility

“Locked into a rule … , how can I be ready to receive the abundance of the universe, the mother’s nourishment in its multifaceted forms?”
~Susun Weed, Healing Wise

This week for my Mindful Menu, I looked at the value of menu-planning with flexibility. Yes, I like to have a menu plan, and I generally do better at the market/stores when I shop with a list based on a weekly menu plan.
Then, my mother showed up last night bearing the bounty of a visit to a local farm run by old friends of the family. And most of what she brought did not fit into the plan I had made for my week. Being as I am, my first instinct was anger, anger that she had surprised me with a challenge to my plan. But why should I be angry that my mother has provided me with nourishing food, grown with love, and gathered and gifted with even more love?
So I changed my plan.
Then I got to the market, and the meat lady was out of ground beef. Being in the flexible mood I was in, it was no problem. I got ground pork. And it went on from there.
Week of July 19th:
Sunday: Cucumber-carrot salad with peanut-ginger dressing, cold noodles, boiled eggs
Monday: Homemade sage pork sausage with peppers and brown rice
Tuesday: Salmon cakes and buttered kale
Wednesday: Crustless quiche with cucumbers and carrot sticks
Thursday: Ground pork, caramelized onions, and fried apricots, tossed with whole-wheat pasta, and served with sauteed yellow squash
Friday: Potato soup made with homemade chicken stock, with cheddar cheese and sauteed yellow squash
Saturday: Vegetable omelet with vegetables leftover from the week, plus raw cheese

Mindful Menus


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