A Good Start

Welcome to the new and improved Wild, Not Wise blog. With a new blogging style, and a new-ish location, I’m feeling the need for renewal and rededication. In a week, I go to visit my in-laws across the country, and I know I won’t be able to stick to my food philosophy as strongly, so I want to start in a good place. This past week, I’ve been drinking black tea instead of herbal infusions, and eating a lot more packaged and fast food. And I’m totally feeling it.
So I thought I would rededicate myself to the real food cause, and to my own health, with a blog post about good breakfasts. What does a wild woman eat for breakfast?
Eggs. I love eggs for breakfast. Bacon goes well with eggs, but it’s a catch-22 for me because the local farmer who raises her Berkshire hogs on pasture puts nitrates in her bacon, while the nitrate-free bacon I can get at the store is hormone-free, but ultimately commercial. So bacon is a rare treat.
Lately, I’ve played a little with adding my own spices to the ground pork from the lady at the farmer’s market. So maybe I’ll try adding that to my breakfast once in a while. But I don’t like to eat too much meat. Apart from everything else, it’s expensive.
But fried tomatoes and mushrooms. I love fried tomatoes and mushrooms with my eggs. And I usually have a piece of fruit. Yogurt is key, plain and full-fat. And a cup of tea or herbal infusion. This week, it will be herbal infusion.
Of course, sometimes I just mix it up and have berries, cream, nuts, and honey. Because variety is the spice of life.

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