Hello, Again

I realize it has been a long time since I’ve posted here. I haven’t abandoned herbalism, but I’ve toned it way down. I still drink my herbal infusions, and look for natural ways to treat myself. My hormones have stabilized since going off hormonal birth control, and this month has been my first normal fertility chart!

I realize I never posted about the brandied violet syrup I made back in April. It’s been delicious, added to a nighttime cup of chamomile-lavender tea, or drizzled into champagne for a Beltane cocktail. I steeped the little violets in water for 12 hours, then boiled the strained infusion with an equal weight of wildflower honey, and bottled it with an ounce or two of brandy to keep things fresh. It’s fragrant, and honeyed, and has a teensy kick. It’s not purple because of the dark color of the honey, but that’s okay.
In other news, I’ve been changing my beauty routine. I’ve discovered that my hair prefers to be washed frequently, with commercial products, which is a little discouraging because I always dreamed of a beauty routine that consisted of homemade soaps and herbal preparations. Oh well. I’ve been using Desert Essences’ line of fruity shampoos and conditioners, which are more-natural, and paraben/synthetic-fragrance-free, at least.

I’ve also discovered that I adore the look of natural wood hair toys over embellished, or dyed materials. So I’ll leave you with a shot of my hair up with a moon-shaped fork I recently received from the Etsy store Raven’s Croft.

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