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Personal Update, or Why I Hate Horny Trees

So the last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with allergies. I pretty much only drink nettle infusion, when I feel well enough to even prepare an infusion, and the rest of the time, I supplement with nettle tea. That, plus my neti pot, are keeping me free of sinus infection, so far, but it’s still tough to be congested all the time, sneezy, itchy, and having poor sleep.

Which has led me to my next endeavor, which I discussed earlier today on my food blog. I’m going paleo/primal. For now, I’m keeping dairy (it’s the last step in the PaNu 12-step program), but next week I might cut that, since dairy can cause congestion. We’ll see if it works, but part of the wise woman approach is integrating herbal remedies with lifestyle changes, and paleo nutrition ideas hold a lot of merit, I think. I’m thinking about going orthodox paleo during the month of June.