Moon Time

Well, I had hoped to write about my brandied violet syrup today, but I was inspired (or rather, interrupted) by my old friend. I recently went off hormonal birth control, and just got my first non-pill period this morning, so I thought I’d share some of my herbal allies for my period. So far, most of these are untested, but I have high hopes.

1.) Infusions and Teas:
I love my nettle infusion, especially during allergy season, and my oatstraw infusion is supposed to help moodiness and frazzled nerves, but I’m adding a couple to my arsenal for the next week. Catnip is supposed to be soothing and sedating, good for menstrual cramps, and to help get to sleep. My wish this morning was just to curl up around a mug of catnip tea and spend the day on the couch. But I had to get up, so I packed a few bags of my other menstrual ally, red raspberry leaf. It’s good for strengthening all parts of the female system, and I find it very stimulating, but not jitter-causing like caffeine.
2.) Chocolate:
Yes, there is controversy, and I know sugar and caffeine aren’t supposed to be good for PMS, but I find that when I’m having my period, I crave chocolate strongly. And I like to listen to my body. Chocolate is very specific, and I don’t know much else that can truly satisfy that craving. I get dark chocolate, sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice, and lightly salted with a sprinkle of unrefined sea salt. It’s called Salazon Chocolate, and I just adore it.
3.) Spiritual Practice:
My bloodstone pendant is particularly meaningful to me at this time of the month. I sat in a short meditation this morning to calm and ground myself, and to help melt away my cramps and tension. I said a prayer to the cthonic goddess Hecate, who rules the realm of menstruating women. And I read my Tarot, drawing the Star card, which felt particularly appropriate as I watched the smiling blonde woman on the card pour out libations to water and Earth.

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  1. Girl, you are on your track and moving strong. Keep it up! :)


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