Everyday Health

Wise woman healing may begin in the weed fields, and I’ve had some good times the past week in the fields, but it blossoms in the kitchen. Making medicines comes secondary to making nourishing foods, using allies to prevent ill health before having to treat it. So today I thought I would share my wise/wild woman lunch. In my efforts to consolidate my lunches and make them more convenient to carry with me to work, I went out and bought a brand new, big, sturdy container in which I make myself a sort of improvised bento box.
I like to make sure I have a whole-grain, a vegetable (preferably a green), and a protein. Mushrooms are wonderful. As Susun Weed tells us, they contain potent anti-cancer properties. Plus they just taste earthy and rich. A dressing gives a zing from apple cider vinegar and a salty broth of tamari. I plan to experiment with miso, and herbal vinegars. And of course, oils. Olive oil is my favorite, but sesame oil is velvety and rich.
This box is composed of a pasta salad made from whole-grain rotini, chopped Kalamata olives, and a dressing of equal parts olive oil and apple cider vinegar plus a half part of tamari. On the other side is a handful of chopped dandelion greens flavored with chickweed. Across the center is a lashing of sauteed shitake mushrooms and garlic. And it’s topped with a hard-boiled pastured egg. A satisfying meal fit to ensure this wild woman doesn’t get the blues.

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