Hello! Some of you may know me from my food blog, “Running with Knives.” You may know me as someone who’s always willing to experiment with healthy eating. I’ve tried raw food, vegan, vegetarian, primal, traditional, and most of what I’ve learned is that there is no optimal diet for every person in general. Similar to my running, I’ve learned that in eating, it’s best to listen to my body.

My body has long told me that it doesn’t feel quite right with all the chemicals that day-to-day existence involved. I react strongly to side effects, to the point where a cup of coffee after lunch can keep me up much of the night. And I struggled for over a year with frequent infections, to which doctors responded by throwing more and more antibiotics at me. I came out of that with a trashed immune system, enough yeast in my body to start a bakery, and a new addition to my previously-short list of allergies.
Well, I’ve had enough. “Wild, Not Wise” is going to be my chronicle of my forays into herbal healing, in the Wise Woman tradition. Most of my information will from from Healing Wise by Susun Weed, and articles on her website. While I’m not yet experienced enough to call myself a wise woman, I like to think of myself as a wild woman, running free in the outdoors, asking nature to help me feel well.
Welcome to my new blog, and I hope we can share ideas together!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Good start! 🙂 Trustin yourself is number one, listening to the real, quiet voice and not the sugar addiction or useless cravings…It's a fun trip, but one that doesn't let you live the "convenience" lifestyle at all after a while! 🙂 Nice to meetcha!Amber (anchasta)


  2. Oh this is so cool! I'm totally down with herbal and more Eastern traditions in terms of treatment. Can't wait to read more about your journey!


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